Turban Headbands!

I’d been thinking for awhile now about making a turban-style headband… lo and behold Burdastyle read my mind and posted this article last week!  That’s it!  I finally went for it on Friday!  They were so quick and easy that I ended up making two of them in one evening!

Originally I started following this video by New York Design Shop, using the 8″ x 24″ measurements in the video, but quickly found the turban to be WAY too tight.  I suppose the fabric I chose wasn’t stretchy enough…  But it is a great project anyways!

For my version you will need:

  • Stretchy-knit fabric like a t-shirt, etc. (I found a royal blue velour zip-up bunnyhug at Value Village for $4!)
  • Thread (duh)
  • Sewing machine that can do a stretch-stitch, or you can hand-sew it…  (I’m impatient and HATE hand-sewing)

Step 1.  Measure out two 8″ by 24″ rectangles.  I used fabric from the back of the jacket.

Step 2.  Fold each rectangle in half lengthwise, right sides together (read: “right side” means the part of the fabric that you want to show on the outside of the finished headband). Sew a straight line down the long side so you create a tube.  Turn the fabric tube inside out so that your raw ends are on the inside.

Step 3 (Optional).  On one of my turban-style headbands I decided to add some embellishment.  I found these round studs at Dressew in Vancouver.  I simply pushed them through the top layer of the tube and then folded the little teeth to secure them.  It was pretty easy to reach inside the tube and add the studs since I placed them near the opening on both ends of the tube.  Since there is another layer of fabric underneath the studs (between the outside and the part sitting against the head) it should be nice and comfy!

Step 4.  Since my fabric had a finished edge along what used to be the bottom hem of the jacket, I simply tucked the raw edges end of the tube inside the finished edge.  Sew a straight line to join the two ends together.  You will now have a circular tube, and it will look like a headband!
Step 5.  I made another (smaller) tube using the same method as Step 2 and then wrapped it over the joined ends (as per Step 4) to hide the joined ends so it looks like a continuous headband with a “knot” in the front.  I secured the smaller “wrap” tube in the same way as Step 4 by tucking the raw edges inside the hemmed edge.  To keep the “knot” from sliding around, I hand-tacked (read: hand-sewed) a few stitches on the back.

Headband #1 all finished!

Headband #2 all finished!
Lovin’ the studs!

Easy peasy!  I love the look of the headbands, they look so chic and the studs add just the right amount of bling!


2 thoughts on “Turban Headbands!

  1. This is very cute! The studs really make it pop.

    I thought I'd mention, I just finished a sweater (I can't call it a bunnyhug, alas, as it's hoodless) that was very much inspired by your kimono-styled bunnyhug (post on my blog). Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Wow! I just popped over to your blog and your Lady Grey looks AMAZING!!! It looks so chic! I think a wrap-cardi like that is perfect for Canadian winter office-wear, plus it will make a nice cozy coverup for summer evenings.

    Now you've inspired me to get cracking on a coat project I've been dragging my feet on…. 😉


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