Handmade Christmas revealed!

When I first flipped through Wenlan Chia’s book Twinkle Sews, one of the first projects on my to-do list was the On The Sidelines sweatshirt.  I basically copied the version from the book, making the sweatshirt up in a nice beige colour and adding some studs I found at Dressew in Vancouver ($0.25 for a package of 35!).  I ended up making 2 versions of this project, with the intent of giving both of them away to my sisters-in-law for Christmas.

For J’s version, I added a self-drafted hood since she prefers hoodies over sweatshirts.  I also increased the length of the sleeves to full-length (as opposed to the 3/4 length sleeves in the pattern).  I’m not sure what the deal is with the waistband at the bottom of the top, but I shorted it by several inches and it was still WAAAAY too big, so I ended up adding a drawstring so it could be cinched up.

Bunnyhug / Hoodie version for Jana

I plan to give the sweatshirt version to my other sister-in-law, but since she lives in England I won’t be able to give it to her until next summer when she comes home for her wedding.  I haven’t had a chance to sew the buttons on it yet, but now that I have my fancy new Janome sewing machine, button-holes are no longer a problem for me.  Woot woot!

Sweatshirt version for Caleigh – try and act surprised!

I also made a nice wrap dress for my mom using the Crepe pattern from Colette.  My mom’s favorite colour is royal blue, so I found this fabric (in the clearance centre, funny enough) that I knew would be just perfect.  Sorry the photos aren’t that great of quality.  She also just threw it on over what she was already wearing so it’s kind of hard to see the dress.  But I promise it’s really nice!  She was so happy and is excited to wear it in the spring.

My mom showing off the front of the dress, plus my in-laws’ dog says hello!

Back view of the dress, plus my mother-in-law with some turkey action in the background

I also made a purse for my husband’s nana, as well as a hot water bottle cover for his great-aunt.  I can’t seem to find photos of either of them at the moment, but I know I did take some!  Anyways, it’s New Year’s Eve tonight (not typically one of my favourite nights, it always seems to be a let-down), but it should be alright.  We’re going to some friends’ place for a house party, so I’d better scoot and get ready.  Hope all 5 of you that might possibly read this have a safe, healthy and happy 2011!

2 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas revealed!

  1. This looks great! I am commenting with a question as I have just started sewing the On the Sidelines sweatshirt as well, and am a bit confused with the instructions. What am I supposed to do with the long skinny “neckline facing” piece? There are no pictures and the instructions are vague so I'm baffled as to how it is supposed to fit in with the curved neckline pieces! Any help would be appreciated 🙂



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