A Wrench In My Plans

I was just about finished my Crepe dress when my serger decided to stop working…  ARG!!!  So that puts my dress on hold for now until I can get my machine fixed.  Boo….  I guess now I’ll have to finish all that hand-sewing I’ve been putting off.  *sigh* I was poking around online yesterday and saw the Spring Palette Challenge on […]

Crepe Sew-Along (Update #1)

I’m pleased to report that I am finished the top of my Crepe dress as part of Gertie’s Crepe Sew-Along!  I think the sew-along has been a great way for me to learn better sewing techniques, but the actual sewing schedule doesn’t really work for me…  I’m definitely more of a “guerrilla style” sewer where […]

An Ode to Newfoundland…

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that my very best friend lives on the complete OPPOSITE side of the country from me.  And Canada is a very large country.  She is getting married this summer and I am hoping very much to be able to go out to Newfoundland for her wedding.  In case you have […]