A Wrench In My Plans

I was just about finished my Crepe dress when my serger decided to stop working…  ARG!!!  So that puts my dress on hold for now until I can get my machine fixed.  Boo….  I guess now I’ll have to finish all that hand-sewing I’ve been putting off.  *sigh*

I was poking around online yesterday and saw the Spring Palette Challenge on Colette Patterns’ website.  I think I’m going to join it, as I want to make a couple of new dresses for work.  That’s right – I got a job!  Woo hoo!  And for the first time since before I started university, my job has a dress code – business casual.  Considering that most of my jobs (in the natural resources sector) often have my co-workers wearing sweatpants to work, this is basically like going to a friggin’ ball.

Like everything else I sign up for, I joined this Challenge a bit late so please bear with me as I try to catch up!

Here is my Inspiration Board (created using Polyvore):  
Welcome to Polyvore!
Welcome to Polyvore!  featuring victoria beckham dresses
And here are my colour palettes (I couldn’t find just one that I liked):

The pastels are traditionally “Spring-y” and I love them, but I do love a bright hit of colour especially after a long, grey winter.  Plus they transition nicely into Summer.
I need to go through my patterns and see what I want to make first!  Decisions, decisions…

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