Easter Greetings!

I am home in Saskatoon for a few days visiting my family here.  The weather has been really lovely: sunny (with a bit of wind) and warm temps…  It was 15C today – gorgeous!  I have eaten far too much food, drank far too much wine (and rye, ha!), and had countless hours of good, deep belly-laughter with my friends and family.

Enjoying the springtime prairie crocuses

The past couple of weeks have been absolutely nuts.  Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity: packing, cleaning, moving, unloading boxes, etc.  I had to spend several days running errands in Squamish setting up new phone numbers, internet, putting a re-direct on our mail, and job-hunting.  Luckily it only lasted for a few days before we hopped on a plane and arrived to the prairies for the holiday.  N had to leave today because he works tomorrow, but since I’m unemployed I can do what I want!  I will stay here in Toon Town for a few more days before heading back to BC on the weekend.

Prairie vista at Wanuskewin, SK

I wish a very Happy Easter to you all, and I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend, wherever you may be…


2 thoughts on “Easter Greetings!

  1. Aww, we just left! The weather was so nice, too. I didn't make it out to see any crocuses, though, so you beat me there. It's not really spring until the crocuses are out, is it? 🙂


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