My hubby is playing in a slo-pitch ball tournament on Canada Day long weekend and his team entered the “costume division”.  The theme is “Cavemen”, so he asked me to make him a costume.  No problem.  So a few weeks ago I placed my very first online fabric order at, allowing several weeks for the package to arrive and for me to be able to sew the costume.  But THEN, Canada Post went on strike and locked out its workers… so now my precious package is likely somewhere stuck in customs or sitting in a mail-room somewhere (if it even made it past the US border).  Well then.

Luckily Fabricland is having a sale on right now… Unluckily the nearest location is 45 minutes away in West Vancouver.  So I had to deal with city traffic – arggg!!!  I couldn’t find any animal print fabric (that wasn’t satin or some sort of sheer polyester-rayon blend) so I decided to go with an olive green and black tribal print cotton twill.  I think it will actually be better.  I’m making it more like a Fred Flintstone style with a collar and tie hehehe rather than just a plain tunic style top.  Hopefully he likes it.  Well, he has no choice really, ha!

Love In The Afternoon – Wenlan Chia

Hopefully Canada Post can get their crap sorted out and then my fabric will be on its merry little way to Squamish.  I’m planning to make the Love In The Afternoon Dress from the book Twinkle Sews by Wenlan Chia out of a butter-yellow satin (ordered online from, whenever it gets here) and then using a royal blue for contrast around the bustline and the straps.  I think it should look pretty nice.  At Fabricland I picked up some satin (3m for the price of 1m) in both the dusty royal blue and an icy silver-blue.  I told my best friend I’d make her some blue bloomers to be her “something blue”.  J and R have given me the privilege of being the Maid of Honour at their wedding – although since I’m already married technically I’m a Matron of Honour.  But Matron sounds so…. matronly… hahah.

The last part of my order is some lovely black dupioni silk and a rhinestone buckle to make a copy of this Alfred Sung cocktail dress for my third (and final) bridesmaid dress of 2011.  I’m making it more of a baby-doll style, but absolutely adore the original version as well.  This is the most expensive fabric I’ve ever bought, but it is silk and it’s for my favourite cousin’s wedding.  Plus I’m sure I’ll wear it again – a little black dress is a classic!

I’ve finished my bridesmaid dress for my sister-in-law’s wedding and it looks adorable.  I’m really really pleased with it – but I’m not posting any pictures until the wedding (which is in 3 weeks) since I don’t want to wreck the surprise!  Plus I will be able to get better photos of it at the wedding than I would just prancing around on our deck, haha.

Happy Saturday everyone,


2 thoughts on “Strike!

  1. I swear I can go months without mailing ANYTHING, but the second the lockout started I had five things to post (or five things I wanted to order). Argh, indeed! Good for you for improvising (I made a cave-girl outfit for my daughter's choir concert earlier this spring, but I lucked into some fun-fur at my local Value Village.) Good luck!


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