Ruffled Maternity Skirt

Paired with Sorbetto Maternity Top

I had started to make a skirt for a friend using the (free!) Twinkle by Wenlan A-Plus A-Line skirt available on Burdastyle, but never got around to finishing it.  Don’t worry, I never told her I was making it so it’s not like she was disappointed, ha ha ha!

It’s made of a stretchy polyester fabric and turned out to be just perfect to adapt into a maternity skirt!  I cut up one of N’s old t-shirts to make a belly band and added 2 rows of eyelet lace ruffles to the bottom.  I was inspired by kojodesigns great maternity skirt.  It’s super comfortable and I wore it to work last week and got tons of compliments on it.

Scar on my knee from when I biffed on my bike

Speaking of work outfits…  A few years ago (pre-blog) I made a jersey version of the totally awesome (and free!) Danielle pattern from Burdastyle.  I had never really finished the sleeves and it was a bit loose on me as the material is so stretchy.  So it sat for a few years in the back of my closet.  Until yesterday.  I have been going through my wardrobe with Tim Gunn’s voice in my head “Edit, edit edit” and packing away anything that no longer fits.  I just find it really overwhelming to try and get ready in the mornings when nothing fits.  It’s easier to work from a smaller wardrobe to match pieces.  Lo and behold, my Frugal Danielle was hanging in the back, looking sad and forgotten.  I tried it on and hooray – it still fit!

I had to repair a few loose seams, and then added elastic gathering to the sleeves to finally finish them.  I also added 2 decorative buttons on the front just ’cause.  I’m super happy with the way it turned out, and I can still wear it after baby comes to join us.  I’m due 3 months from today!!!  OMG.  Craziness.

Despite the beautiful sunshine we’re enjoying today, it really is getting quite chilly.  My fleece jackets don’t cover my belly anymore and I’ve been stuffing myself into my Gore-Tex jacket for work.  I give it another 2 weeks and I’ll bust the zipper.  Soooo…. next up is a bump-friendly jacket.  Stay tuned!  Hope you are all having a most excellent weekend.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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