6 Weeks Left!

We went to Shannon Falls Provincial Park today to do some maternity photos.  The pics were taken on N’s Pentax K10D (with the help of a remote timer!).  He also did the Photoshopping since my skills are abysmal.  I’m 34 weeks today – only 6 weeks left!!!  (give or take a few days/weeks, lol).  It’s a good thing I finished my Holiday Mocktail Dress early since it turned out that my hubby’s office Christmas party is tomorrow night.  Is it just me or is it weird to have a staff Christmas party on a Monday night?!?!?

I’m wearing my False Religion jeans that I converted into maternity jeans in these photos.  Sorry the pictures aren’t super detailed of the pants, but I basically cut off the waistband and belt loops, removed the zipper and sewed the fly shut.  The jeans still fit and I wear them pretty much all the time now.

I’m not grumpy, actually just super cold in this photo…

Anyways, here are some more shots from around Shannon Falls Provincial Park (near Squamish, BC, Canada).  Enjoy!

Over-looking Howe Sound

Happy Sunday everyone!


2 thoughts on “6 Weeks Left!

  1. Sweet photos. And only 6 weeks left! It all goes so fast, doesn't it? Way too fast in my opinion, I've been enjoying the pregnancy so much that I'd want it to continue for a few more months. lol. I hope you're feeling well.


  2. Oh I totally feel the same way. I said to my hubby the other day I will be a bit sad when I can't feel the little one moving around anymore in my belly. That said, I'm so excited to meet him/her! I hope you are feeling well too and that you have a very Merry Christmas, xxx


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