Year 28: In Review

Wowie!  Another year has flown by!  I thought I’d look back at my goals for my 28th year and see how I did…

  1. Find a career that fulfills my passion (preferably full-time)
    1. I had 2 part-time jobs that allowed me to meet and interact with all sorts of people; I really enjoyed both and will be returning to one of them part-time after my maternity leave is up in January 2013
  2. Travel eastern Canada
    1. We spent 10 days on the west coast of Newfoundland, Cape Breton and Halifax last summer.  Check out the photos here
  3. Improve my French
    1. I don’t know if I improved necessarily, but I did actually speak it while working in Whistler Resort last summer
  4. Learn German
    1. Fail – I didn’t learn a single word…
  5. Start our family
    1. Check!  We welcomed our daughter on the 18th of January
  6. Volunteer
    1. Fail, between working 2 jobs and being preggo I didn’t have very much extra time.
  7. Learn to drive a standard transmission
    1. Success!  I learned while 7 months pregnant (a lot of tears were shed, haha)

So that’s about 4 or 5 out of 7… Not too shabby!  I’ll have to think of some goals to achieve for my 29th year.  Being a good mom is probably the top of my list, along with some fitness goals.

My first major sewing project since becoming a mom nearly 4 months ago is the Minoru jacket from Sewaholic patterns.  I didn’t get the chance to participate in Tasia’s Sew-Along for the Minoru, as the Little Miss was just a newborn at the time.  But it has been very handy to refer back to the posts as I worked through the project.  Probably the best new skill I’ve learned from this jacket is how to stitch a lining to sleeve cuffs without slip-stitching.  If you’re anything like me, you HATE hand-sewing because it takes too long!  Here are a couple shots of the coat in progress…

I’m now just finishing up attaching the sleeve linings to the sleeves, so hopefully I can finish the coat before the weekend and get some nice photos of the final project.  Fingers crossed for nice weather so we can get some nice shots!
Happy Tuesday everyone!

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