The Sleep-Deprived Sorbetto

 Back in 2010, a friend asked me to make her a green skirt.  I misread the instructions and ended up making her purchase way more fabric than was necessary.  So I decided that I would make her something else “someday” as a surprise!

I used the free Sorbetto pattern from Colette Patterns, which is a very simple top to make.  Of course, being Caramia, I made things 10 times harder than they needed to be…  Since the fabric is a very lightweight cotton voile, I decided to use French Seams to keep things neat and tidy.  I also decided that this simple top could use a fun embellishment like inserting lace.  Neither of these techniques are particularly challenging, but I decided to tackle them after the Little Miss had a bad night and I ended up with about 3 hours of sleep…  I’m not exaggerating when I say that I made a mistake on every.single.step. of this project.  Soooo much unpicking… Blarg!
I think the final project is super cute and I hope my friend likes it.  It’s very lightweight and will be perfect for those hot Shuswap summers (which I’m missing big time now that we live at the Coast).
I used the free photo editing program Pixlr to add some fun effects to these photos (and hide the fact that you could see my ugly nursing bra underneath, ha ha ha).  
Happy Tuesday everyone!

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