Adventures in the U.S. of Eh!

Well it’s certainly been awhile since my last post… not surprising considering the Little Miss is now 6 months old (!!!) and has decided that she no longer wants to nap during the day… sigh…  But I thought I’d check in with you guys and update you on the goings-on around these parts.

Viewpoint near Manzanita, Oregon Coast

We just returned home last night after a wonderful 9-day vacation to the Oregon Coast (and beyond!).  N and I enjoy travelling and we’re always up for a road trip so that we can stop along the way if we want to check something out.  Travelling with a 6-month-old is MUCH different than travelling alone with your spouse, ha ha ha.  Little Miss pretty much dictated our entire trip… if she was sleeping in the car, we didn’t dare stop.  But if she was awake and fussy, we would stop ASAP.

The first day we left Squamish and drove as far as Twin Harbour State Park in Washington.  It was a long day of driving, but we also stopped in Bellingham to stimulate the American economy by dropping some coin at REI for a new tent that would fit our growing family, as well as a playpen at Target for the Little Miss to sleep in.  She is too big for the Rubbermaid bin that she slept in during our last camping trip, ha ha ha!

The next few days we poked along the Oregon Coast on Highway 101, stopping to take photos and camped at various State parks en route southwards.

View of Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, Oregon
My loves at Cannon Beach

We were very lucky and had great weather for most of the trip, and no rain!  Which was great because we camped for the most part…  We spent one night at a hotel in Yachats, Oregon, which was a nice break from the tent and gave us an opportunity to do laundry.  For such a little person, she sure generates a TON of laundry!

Us near Manzanita
Nova and I survey the coastline
All smiles!

We visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium at Newport one afternoon.  It’s small but has lots of great animals and I love how the animals’ tanks look like they are encased in rocky hillsides.  The Shark Tunnel was very cool – I felt sorry for the little fish swimming around with the sharks and rays in the tank, they didn’t look like they were very comfortable with their life situation, ha ha!

Fish faces

Our travels took us as far down as the Redwood Forest State and National Park in northern California.  Visiting the Redwood Forest has been on both of our bucket lists for a long time and it didn’t disappoint!  The photos really don’t do it justice; it is a very special place.

N and N walking in the forest
Cooling off in the Jedidiah Smith River
After spending 2 nights in the Redwood Forest, we made a beeline for Portland.  Where I visited the Colette Studio!

I wore my super comfy Sorbetto – perfect for the hot, muggy weather in Portland!  Sarai complemented me on it and I am so over the moon!  Sarai and Kenn were gracious enough to meet us for a drink and give us a tour of the studio.  N laughed at me afterwards saying I was starstruck (and rightly so!).  They were both so sweet and down to earth; a very lovely couple indeed!  Thanks so much for meeting up with us guys, and looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver soon!  🙂

The awkward moment when I’m trying to figure out if we link arms for the photo?
Nope!  Ha ha ha!

 Sarai and Kenn told us about the amazing and HUGE Powell’s Bookstore which we visited the next day.  N got himself a few books on beer brewing (one of his many talents), and I picked up a couple of sewing books.

We hope to have a little brother for Nova someday and/or some nephews!
We also bought several books for Little Miss (she is such a little bookworm – I love it!), including this beautiful book featuring animals of the Pacific Northwest from First Nations artists. 

I also visited the ginormous Mill End Fabric store that Sarai recommended.  There was so much to look at, it was a bit overwhelming.  But the staff was very friendly and helpful, such a welcome change from the cranky staff at the Fabricland in North Vancouver!  There were so many beautiful silks and wools, including Pendleton wools.  Totally out of my price range, but I did feel them.  And it was awesome, lol.  I picked up several fabrics to make some of the projects from the Colette Handbook, all for less than $100.  Hopefully the Little Miss will start to nap during the day again and I can actually have time to make them!

Super goony excited face!

Portland has about thirty breweries in town; we visited three (very family friendly ones) and enjoyed some delicious beer and good food.  Nova got a bit played out by sight-seeing, ha ha ha!

Hopworks Urban Brewery – uber family-friendly!
Lunchtime at Deschutes Brew Pub in Portland
Silly family photo at our guesthouse in Portland
Drooly smiles at the splashpark in downtown Portland

Despite all the amazing things we saw and kind people we met, I’d have to say the highlight for me was just spending time with the two most important people in my life…

  • Every morning we would take Little Miss out of her playpen and lay her down between us in our bed in the tent for cuddles for a half hour or so.  So much giggling!
  • She discovered sand for the first time (we have more rocky sand at the lakes in Squamish).  She kept trying to pick it up but couldn’t figure out how it would slip through her fingers so easily.  
  • She watched the ocean waves crashing along the shoreline.  
  • While visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport she gasped and stared at a leopard shark in the Shark Tunnel.  
  • She laughed at tropical fish as they swam past in their tanks.
  • After putting Little Miss to bed in the hotel in Yachats, N and I sat out on the patio drinking a bottle of wine and watching the waves crash against the rocks as the tide came in.  

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer (or winter, depending on which hemisphere you live in).

Shore Acres State Park, Oregon Coast

Happy Monday everyone!

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