End of Summer…

It’s that time of year again here in Canada… the crisp chill in the air, days are getting shorter, the leaves are beginning to change colour.  Autumn is on it’s way!  My husband brews his own beer from scratch, and is quite good at it.  He planted hops at his parents house a few years ago, and it was harvest time while were in the Okanagan for the Labour Day long weekend (Sept 1st)…
I finally got a smart phone, so I’ve been all over Instagram and BeFunky Android like white on rice.  I got the Samsung Galaxy S, and I love it.  I pretty much use it mainly as a camera that I can text and call people on – no other apps for me, hahaha.  Here are some photos of our last lazy days of summer…
Nova towels off after a splash-fest in her kiddie pool to beat the heat.

We stopped at Tobiano outside of Kamloops BC en route to Salmon Arm.  Nova looooves making faces for the camera – what a little ham!

 I snapped this photo of N’s laundry hanging on the line at my in-laws… all kinds of adorable!

My artsy shot of our friends’ wedding in Salmon Arm, 1 Sept 2012
The bride has an amazing eye for details.  This was one of the beautiful centrepieces for the tables.  It’s some sort of sedum planted in a vintage tea cup.  Just lovely.  I edited the photo using BeFunky Android.
Another BeFunky Android edit of a sedum in a wine glass.
Rocking her scrunchy-face at our friends’ wedding… You can dress her up, but can’t take the munchkin outta the kid!  Ha ha ha…
My friend took this photo of her on her phone at the same wedding.  So serious!
The Little Miss making a scrunchy-face at Tim Horton’s, ha ha ha.
I have been doing a bit of sewing lately, although I’m not too satisfied with any of my creations.  I’m feeling in a bit of a rut…  C’est dommage…  Hopefully I bounce back soon and am able to create some fantastic things with the change of seasons.
Happy Monday everyone!

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