But Not A Real Green Dress (That’s Cruel)

Family photo at our friends’ wedding

We’ve had amazing weather for most of the summer here in the Sea-to-Sky corridor.  It’s been nice, but having a baby definitely changes your outlook on things.  Instead of rejoicing at the +30C temps, I began cursing it, knowing that it would be next to impossible to put the Little Miss to bed when her room was 29C and the sunshine was still streaming into the house.

Another result of gorgeous summer weather is the need for cute sundresses.  I sadly realized that I don’t have any casual sundresses in my closet and vowed to make a couple.  This was complicated slightly by the fact that I’m still breast-feeding so would need a dress with easy access to the milk jugs breasts.  I scored some cotton voile for $4/m in the bargain basement at Dressew a few months ago, which was perfect for staying cool in hot weather.

I have a pretty impressive pattern collection, so I sifted through it looking for a dress to fit the bill.  I found it in Simplicity 2222 (Suede Says).  I made Version A, the “Flirty Style”.  But I didn’t bother with the ruffles on the front.  Mostly because I’m lazy and with a baby I don’t have a lot of extra time to sew (no time for frivolous details), and also because the fabric is so busy I didn’t think the ruffles would be noticeable.  You can read my full Pattern Review here.

This isn’t just poofy fabric on my tummy, it’s me 😦

Initially I wasn’t very pleased with the dress, mostly because I don’t feel the style is very flattering on me.  I carry my weight around the mid-section, especially those few extra pounds of baby-weight.  The drawstring waist hits right at the largest part of me.  I ended up wearing it to our friends’ wedding a few weekends ago, mostly because I didn’t have any other options.  I wasn’t very happy with the way I looked, so I just got drunk instead – ha!

But after taking some photos on my deck yesterday, the dress is starting to grow on me a bit.  It’s really easy to wear and I like the length.  It’s also casual but can be dressed up easily with heels and fun earrings.  I also like the sleeves, which means I’ll be able to wear it in multiple seasons – not just summer.  The fabric is also really fun – green is my favourite colour.  I’m coming to terms with my new post-baby body (i.e., heavier on top, with boyish hips) so it will take a bit to adjust to the way clothes fit me now.  Baby steps – literally!

Dress: Simplicity 2222 (Suede Says) Version A
Shoes: Aldo (2011)

ps: the title of this post refers to a lyric in the classic song “If I Had A Million Dollars” by the Barenaked Ladies.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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