Autumn in Dramatic Fashion

After a glorious summer here in the Sea-to-Sky corridor, autumn has officially arrived.  Bringing with it chilly temperatures, changing leaves, and torrential rains!  I actually like fall since some of my favourite clothes are perfect for the cooler weather.  Boots, sweaters, tuques, mittens… and my brand-new sweatshirt with a dramatic collar!

I used the Lydia pattern from Burdastyle, along with some bright pink sweatshirt fleece I bought at the thrift store for $2 (I think I got about 3m???  I love thrift shops!).  I raised the front neckline about 2″, and then used the totally awesome tutorial by Nessie on how to make a dramatic collar.

This pattern tends to run a bit big, so I made one size smaller than my measurements suggested.  I also like the name: Lydia, as that is the name of one of our midwives.  D’awwwww…. Please indulge me for one second with a photo of my frigging adorable 9-month-old (holy crap!!!) girl:

Anywaaaays…. I love the way this turned out, and I feel so cosy with the big collar around my neck.  It eliminates the need for a scarf!  I’ve been wearing it often on its own, but today it was only 4C so I had to wear a jacket over top to go downtown to the Farmer’s Market.  Brrrrr…. one of the vendors said it snowed briefly on the Upper Levels Hwy in Vancouver this morning!

I picked up 70 lbs of plums and pears for $15 (!!!) so I’m trying my hand at making fruit leather and plum chipotle sauce with the plums.  Not sure what I’m going to do with 40 lbs of pears though… Any thoughts? 🙂

I keep getting this song stuck in my head because I’m always thinking about shopping at thrift stores… ha!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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