Christmas Sewing Leftovers

I finished a few pieces before Christmas, took photos, and then forgot to blog about them!  Woops!  All the hustle and bustle of the holidays took over my life for awhile.  And then the Little Miss turned one, and I returned back to work.  Phew!  I can hardly believe it’s February already!

First up is the Simplicity 2512 by Cynthia Rowley skirt.  My hips are basically non-existant so this skirt helps me fake an hourglass shape.  Love!

I absolutely love this skirt, but sadly I broke the zipper while wearing it at Christmas dinner…  I couldn’t say no to all the delicious treats while in Saskatoon, and put on a few pounds.  Woopsies!  Luckily 2013 has seen me get back on track somewhat 😉

I also made this awesome kimono sleeve dress.  It’s a vintage Vogue pattern so I thought I’d use a vintage filter on the photos!  I bought the fabric at the thrift store in Salmon Arm a few years back.  It’s a black lightweight cotton with sort of a teal feather-like print on it.  Super cute and kind of retro feeling.  Also, I love my boots.  I feel like a bad-ass b*tch when I wear them 🙂

 Oh looky, my glasses even match the dress!

 I added a skinny leather belt from H&M to define my waist as the dress is a bit loose.

The dress was pretty long, so I shortened it.  But I think I got carried away… now I feel like it’s too short and will need to wear it with tights or leggings.  But it is a really fun print and I could see wearing it with flat sandals in the summer.  Or if we ever went on a hot vacation someday!  I’d love to go to Hawaii or Cuba…

I’ve been working away slowly on a few other projects, but Nova caught the noro-virus the other week and things were pretty gross around here.  On the plus side, lots and lots of snuggles!

Happy Thursday everyone!


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