The Dressy Raincoat or Disappointing Minoru

Here on the wet West Coast of British Columbia, Canada we get a lot of rain.  Like…  a LOT.  I feel like there is a rainfall warning at least once a week.  At least during the winter months anyway…  I wanted a nice, somewhat dressy waterproof jacket that I could wear during the monsoon weather here in Squamish.
I used the fabulous Minoru pattern by Sewaholic Patterns before to make a fun 3-season (aka dry weather) jacket.  My first Minoru fit quite well, so I’m not really sure what happened when I attempted the pattern for the second time.

It looks nice and all, but is sooooo tight on the arms!  I can hardly move my arms forward, so it makes driving difficult, not to mention picking up the Little Miss.  I’m horribly disappointed as I wanted this to be my go-to jacket for the rainy months.  The classic styling can easily be dressed up or down and always looks chic.  I even saved my fancy Fendi lining fabric to line the jacket (ok a bit of a label whore I guess).

It’s not so terrible that I will never wear it.  In fact, I’ve been wearing it lots lately.  It just doesn’t live up to what I had envisioned…. le sigh

For some reason Nova thought the zipper pull tasted good, hahaha!

N took several mother-daughter photos of us at Shannon Falls Provincial Park near Squamish the other weekend.  I love them!

I couldn’t resist playing around with this one on BeFunky…
Hope you are staying warm and dry during this winter season… But the days are getting longer which means Spring is on its way.  Time for gardening (!!!).  Yayer!
Happy Sunday everyone!

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