This and That

So much for my 2013 goal of being a more consistent blogger!  I blame it partially on this little munchkin who has recently started walking (!!!):

 And also THIS little furball who we have added to our family:

Yes, N and I have gone off the rails on a crazy train by adopting a puppy while having a toddler.  Hahah

So far, so good.  Nova was a bit jealous to begin with, but seems to have adjusted.  And Luna (the puppy) is surprisingly good with babies/toddlers.  So that’s good!  I can hardly wait until she is big enough to take on runs and hikes.  I’m not super comfortable going to hikes alone due to the abundance of wildlife here in Squamish…. black bears and cougars, specifically.

Between all the insanity of double babies in the house, I have managed to get a wee bit of sewing done lately but haven’t blogged any of it until now.  Enjoy!

 Dressy shorts made from grey wool fabric I bought at a thrift store.  I altered the Jane pattern from Burdastyle.  Here I am at a staff function for my work.  Such a fun night!

Sundress made from dress “N” in the Stylish Dress Book.  I used a light cotton-rayon blend that I’ve had in my stash for a few years.  It’s nice and lightweight and doesn’t wrinkle very easily.  Perfect for summer!

I could probably make the back elastic a bit tighter as it’s a bit droopy.  The dress is also ginormous and requires a belt to define my figure and keep me from looking too blimpy – ha!

I even made a bathing suit!  I have a super long torso so store-bought one-piece bathing suits never fit me… I end up with a big time camel toe.  Not cool.  But I’m also aware that I won’t be able to flaunt bikinis forever, nor will it be appropriate to do so when chaperoning my kids’ school trips to the pool.

I used a vintage pattern from my stash: Butterick 3129.  The idea for the white trim came from this little number I spied on Pinterest.  Oh man, what a great place for sewing inspiration!

Happy Monday everyone!

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