Novatron’s Closet

I must admit that I’ve been lazy when it comes to sewing for the Little Miss…  My sewing time is quite limited these days, and I’ve been justifying not sewing for Nova by the inexpensiveness of simply buying clothes for her…  But with the recent Joe Fresh factory collapse in Bangladesh, I just can’t justify it any longer…  Here she is wearing some of her JF clothes…

I hit up the kids’ consignment section at local shop Agnes Jean, and got about 7 pieces for $25.  Pretty good.

But I also decided that I should sew some stuff for Nova.  She is growing so fast it’s crazy.  She is a little kid now, not a baby anymore 😥 and we’ve started putting her into 2-piece pyjamas instead of the footed onezies she’s been wearing for the past year or so.

I found a few pj’s at thrift stores, but sewed some using the Cross-Over Shirt and Sleeping Johns patterns from the fantastic book Growing Up Sew Liberated.  My aunt made Nova a quiet book for her first birthday, and she loves it!   Thank you Grauntie Beth, xxx.

  She is crying for her bedtime bottle in the last few photos:

 But then she was much happier the next morning!

I found this cute jersey fabric at a thrift store a few years ago.  Can’t go wrong with carrots and rabbits!  I made them in the smallest size – 2T, but it’s still a bit big for Nova.  Oh well, this kid is growing like a weed and I’m sure she will fit them soon enough!  Speaking of growing, she ate 5 pieces of sushi at supper the other week (!!!).

Her and Luna are getting along so well these days, I love watching their interactions.  Soooo cute!

Happy Friday everyone!

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