Necessary Basics

Let’s face it – all sewists dream of creating gorgeous show-stopping fashion, yet most of us have little to no practical need for such fancy items.  Unless you’re Beyonce and your entire wardrobe consists of sparkly leather bodysuits. Now that I’ve got two little kids under the age of 3 (like ACTUALLY holy sh*t I can’t even believe it sometimes!), I spend most of my day giving time-outs, replaying Go Diego Go on Netflix, and cleaning spit-up milk from the back of my shoulders.  T-shirts, yoga pants and my fat-pant jeans are my everyday wardrobe…

Enter the basic but stylish T-shirt from Vogue Patterns V8670.  I’ve made it before out of a few of N’s old worn out t-shirts.  I have pretty much lived in it ever since.  I made it up in a size 14, and since the bodice is so long I don’t need to add my usual 2″ to fit my freakishly long torso (yay!).  So if you are a normal human, I would recommend shortening the pattern a bit.  The only change I made to the pattern was to eliminate the neck binding piece.  I find it really tight and constrictive.  Instead, I just cut a 1″ strip of fabric along the greatest stretch and then used it like bias tape for a clean neckline.  Swoon. The fabric is part of my Girl Charlee haul that I had shipped to a PO box in Point Roberts, WA for free – yay.


It’s a nice lighter weight cotton jersey with my new fave  neutral colour – mustard.  Seriously, I feel like it goes with everything!  The challenging part of this project was matching up the stripes.  I received a copy of the Colette Sewing Handbook for Christmas a few years ago, and there is a great section on sewing with stripes.  Basically you just need to match the little notches with a corner of a stripe and then do that for all corresponding pattern pieces.  It took me a few days to cut everything out (because of the two kids and a dog).  But I’m so glad I took my time.  Look how nice everything lines up!  Woot! IMG_20140927_050005

Happy Saturday everyone!




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