Adventures in Menswear (Part I)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that there are barely any menswear patterns available (compared to women’s patterns).  Thankfully there are several (usually independent) companies changing this.  There is the popular men’s Negroni shirt by Colette patterns, a few from Burdastyle, and of course the entire Thread Theory Patterns company headquartered “just across the water” from me over on Vancouver Island.

Luckily my hubby has an average but manly build.  Nice broad shoulders that usually don’t require too much tailoring, and he’s slim but not skinny.  So usually ready-to-wear clothing fits him well.  That said, I’d been dying to make him a semi-formal vest to wear to the massive amounts of weddings we seem to attend each year.  Usually 2-3 or more…  I’m a bit of a hoarder by nature, and I downloaded the Jason vest pattern from Burdastyle a few years ago when it was available for free for limited time.  Glad I did!

I read tons of reviews on this pattern and it seems that everyone said the armholes were huge and the instructions abysmal.  Well then.  I started out by making a muslin out of some crappy old cotton I had lying around.  It’s really stiff and see-through and I can’t possibly imagine using it for any “real” project.  So basically it’s perfect for a trial version of a pattern.  Luckily my Granny was out visiting the other week so I made up the muslin and got her help to try and fix the fit issues.  Big ups to Gran!


As you can see, the armhole was gaping BIG TIME at the back.  I played around with it a bit, and then we decided to shorten the pattern along the shorten/lengthen line.  I took it in 3/4″ on either side of this line, plus an additional 1/4″ at the armhole, grading it out to 3/4″ at the centre back.



My two and a half year old nearly three year old daughter helped me pin the facings.  Ha.

IMG_20141014_215257[1]Slowly but surely it’s coming together…  I’m hoping to have it finished for hubby to wear to an upcoming wedding in a few weeks’ time.  Fingies crossed!

Happy Tuesday everyone



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