Boyfriend Jeans ReMake

Edit1 How to make your own boyfriend jeans from an existing pair!

I’ve had these jeans for awhile now.  I love the distressed look of them, but they stretch out like crazy when I wear them and the inseam isn’t quite long enough for me with the bootcut style.IMG_20141024_133110

I love the look of boyfriend jeans and recently purchased a pair from Forever 21 online.  Sadly they were waaay too big and baggy on me so I had to return them.  But it inspired me to give my old jeans a new life.  Here’s what I did…

  1. Trim off the bottom 1″ of the jeans.  I want a cuffed hem anyways, so no point in having extra bulk.
  2. Turn the jeans inside out so you can see the seam lines.  Using pins, mark where you want the new seam line to be.  I wanted to turn the original bootcut into more of a tapered-leg (or “ankle biter” style, haha).
  3. Grade the new ankle width up to the knee, using pins.IMG_20141025_092636
  4. Sew the new seam line.IMG_20141025_093111
  5. Roll up the desired cuff length, and sew the new cuffs in place (if desired).
  6. Bonus: Since these jeans have a tendency to stretch out on me as I wear them, I sewed a piece of twill tape along the inside of the waistband.  This is a trick I learned from the fantastic book Mend and Make Fabulous by Burdastyle.
  7. Enjoy your fabulous new jeans!


Happy Friday everyone!




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