Going to America!

Hi all, just a quick post to show what I’ve been working on the past few weeks…  Hint: it may or may not be fancy attire for a wedding State-side…


I finished the Burdastyle Jason vest for my hubby.  Arg… this pattern.  What can I say that hasn’t already been said by other reviewers?  Crappy instructions, and gigantic armholes.  That’s basically it.  I jotted down a few notes as I was sewing (and altering the pattern) that I’ll try and share in a separate post one of these days to help other folks trying to sew this up.  However, I’m VERY happy with the final result!


I also made myself a breast-feeding friendly cocktail dress out of some thrifted floral cotton from my stash.  I was inspired by Emily Millichip and her super fun use of Hawaiian print in unexpected ways.  What better use of a beachy cotton than for a rather formal style cocktail dress?  I used Simplicity 2252 (Jessica McClintock) version C, along with a pink zipper I had on hand.  Except for the boning for the lining part, everything else came from my stash.  So it was a good stash-buster project.

IMG_20141106_153803 PhotoGrid_1415403908532 PhotoGrid_1415403958887

Due to the relatively complex design of the pattern, I didn’t add my usual 2″ length to the midriff.  Hence, the dress felt a bit short.  I was debating what to do about it so I asked my nearly 3-year-old daughter what she thought of it.  “It’s too short, mama”.  FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES, people!!!

Whelp, there you have it.  So I added an extra 3″ of fabric, folded in half (for an extra 1.5″ added to the length) and used some white trim to make it look like I had PLANNED the whole thing.  Hahaha.


We are off to Phoenix AZ next week for a good friend’s wedding.  After all the rainfall warnings the past few weeks here in Sea-to-Sky I am very much looking forward to drying out in the desert sun!

Happy Saturday everyone!




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