Roxanne… You Don’t Have To Put On Your Red Light!

OsNxK-VnQ6MErVcGAIWvc7Iw_fqan5lcv0_-Aal1aE4=w536-h816-noI made this Roxanne blouse by Victory Patterns back in the summer, kind of while I was waiting for the Little Dude to arrive (11 days late, hmmmph).  I had all the pieces cut out and ready to sew when I lost misplaced my pattern instructions.  Booooo!  I frantically emailed the designer and she was SO KIND enough to email me a copy of the instructions.  Seriously folks, this is one of the many awesome things about using independent sewing pattern companies!  Mucho gracias Kristiann!

Fast forward 5 months and I’m finally getting around to taking a few photos and blogging about it.


I have only worn this top one time as it’s pretty awkward for breast-feeding… I feel like I’m lifting up a dress when nursing.  That said, it’s fan-freaking-tastic for hiding a postpartum belly.  I think I will make a few more versions of this, including one with sleeves for work.  I might also lengthen it a bit and make a funky high-low dress à la Paunnet.  Which will likely not be for work.


I made Version 2: Sleeveless blouse with funky accordion collar detail.  I used a really lightweight maroon and ivory floral cotton-rayon blend that I picked up in the bargain basement section of Dressew for about $3/m.  It has a really nice drape, and will be nice and cool for summer.

The top came together really easily, but for some reason the folds were a bit off centre.  Blame it on the baby brain I ‘spose.  The collar was also a bit tricky and doesn’t lie super flat.  At least the busyness of the fabric hides that a bit.

IMG_2454 (1)


I plan to wear it next summer to the Squamish Valley Music Festival (among other places, obvi) so I kind of styled my self-photoshoot accordingly… Festival attire!  The photos lie, it was a pretty chilly +5C.  But hey, it’s late November so I really can’t complain…  Here are some awkward photos of me pretending to dance, ha!  I wanted to see the gorgeous flowing movement of the fabric.




Happy Friday everyone!



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