I borrowed the world-famous Drape Drape (Vol 2) sewing book from the library last year to check it out.  Sewing bloggers have been going ape-sh*t for this series for years now, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  I own a copy of Stylish Dress Book (Vol 1) and have made a few garments from it, so I’m familiar with how to trace Japanese patterns.  After consulting a few Japanese friends to make sure I was interpreting things correctly, I made 2 pieces from Drape Drape Vol. 2.

No. 4 One-Pattern drape top.


At first, I was sooooo disappointed with how this one turned out.  It’s way too low-cut in the front for me to wear pretty much anywhere.  And shortly after finishing it (autumn 2013) I got pregnant with my Little Dude, and then it was too tight on my lower stomach and it got shoved in the back of my shirt drawer for many months.

Fast forward a year later, I bought a two-toned sports bra from Forever 21 and realized the blue-green colours work perfectly with this loose-fitting top that will also hide a post-partum belly!  Woo hoo!


I mostly wear this top for lounging around the house but it’s also great for pilates or other low-impact exercise.  Not to mention the low-cut style works wonderfully for breastfeeding!

I plan to make a few more of these because I do find the style quite versatile, although I’ll definitely be raising the neckline several inches!

No. 7 Two-Pattern tuck drape dress.

I want to love this.  I really do.  But I think it’s time to say…. I’m just not that into you, tuck-drape dress.

IMG_2573Despite being at the upper-range of the body measurements for the Drape Drape patterns, I think I could’ve easily made a smaller size than this.  The amount of fabric is overwhelming.  Or maybe if I’d used something more light-weight?  I dunno…  Although if a knockout beauty like Karen from Ancien Nouveau has trouble pulling it off, what hope is there for us mere mortals???


I actually kind of like the arm-slits.  It’s something kind of fun and different.  But the fabric folds awkwardly around my butt and looks sad and saggy.


Hey, another person wearing a diaper in our house!

Also, the excess fabric pools around my (already pooky) mid-section and is not very flattering.  In fact, I wore this dress a ton during my last pregnancy.  With leggings, obviously.


I think I’m going to deconstruct this dress and make something else using the fabric.  What a shame.  Oh well…  I’m still eyeing up Dress 11 One-Pattern drape dress.  Although it might also be super-unflattering.  And very booby.  And very inappropriate to wear as a mom with 2 young kids.  Sigh…

Happy Thursday everyone!



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