Sewing for Sanity


Occasionally I get a few spare minutes to read my blog-roll and one of my all-time favourites is Lauren of Lladybird.  She’s creative, sassy, southern, and swears like a trucker.  I love it.  She recently posted about Why She Sews and it really resonated with me.  I’m sure most sewists often get asked “why do you sew? It’s not any cheaper than buying clothes at the mall.”  Which is very true.  But for me, like Lauren and I’m sure pretty much anyone else, it’s not just about the money.

After my daughter was born, I struggled with postpartum anxiety.  I would have panic attacks and just lie on the bedroom floor crying hysterically and hyper-ventilating.

The enormity of it all.

Being COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE for another human being.  Unsure if I was doing a good enough job.  No family or friends nearby for support.  My poor husband unable to help me, because I didn’t know how to help myself.  Thank goodness we have a free, local support group for postpartum issues.  One of the things I learned at support group was that I needed to take some “me” time and practice a bit of self-care every day.  For some women it meant taking 10 minutes to put on makeup and do their hair.  For some it meant taking a walk outside to be alone in nature.  For me, it was sewing.

Fast forward a couple of years, and now my sweet girl is 3.  And she’s a big sister.  I’ve been pretty fortunate with my son in that my mental health has been much better.  I did recently have a little flare-up, but thankfully I now have a bit of a “village”.  We’ve been in our community for 4 years now, and have made lots of friends.  Unfortunately we still don’t have family nearby, so we don’t have as much help as we really need.  BUT.  Things are much better.  I’ve also been able to make time for my creative outlet of sewing, whether I’m making stuff for the kids, or my friends, or just doing some selfish sewing, it really has improved my mental health.

So although I don’t really have tons of spare time, sewing has been a great source of relaxation and sanity for me.  It’s wonderful in that you can do little bits each day or whenever you have a couple of spare moments.

What kinds of things keep you sane?  What are your reasons for sewing?  Or knitting, or beer-making, or basket-weaving…?

Happy Monday everyone,




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