Sailor Hat Tutorial


June 2014 – Bun still in the oven.

Ohhhhhhh mannnnnn….  I CANNOT believe an entire year has gone by already!  Our little guy is turning one at the end of the month.  In all likelihood, he is our last baby (but hey, never say never), so it’s a bit sad for me.  That said, his little personality is really starting to shine.  He’s pretty spunky and loud, and he tries to keep up with his sassy spitfire of an older sister hahaha.

I contacted the amazing local photographer Monique Napier (who is also a friend) to do Little Dude’s 1st birthday photoshoot.  After hemming and hawing over themes, I settled on a nautical theme.  The runner up was a Davey Crockett theme.  Which also would have been totally adorable.

11539648_10155868959185727_1740008708_o (1)

After perusing Pinterest for inspiration ideas, I knew that I needed a little sailor’s hat for LD.

I used the Floppy Flower Sun Hat pattern by Peekaboo Patterns as a base.  These are hands-down my favourite kids sewing pattern line.  It’s a series of (mostly) kids patterns, all available as PDF to download instantly.  Suuuuuuper cute designs, and really easy to sew, with clear instructions.  I have made this hat for my daughter a few times, as well as gifts for other friends’ daughters.  I actually only used one piece from this pattern, the Hat Body, which is kind of like a triangle with slightly rounded edges.


How to Make a Sailor Hat (using PB Floppy Sun Hat or other basic hat pattern):

  • Cut out 4 pieces of the Hat Body – outer fabric
  • Cut out 4 pieces of the Hat Body – lining fabric
  • Make a rectangle the same length as the circumference of your child’s head and however wide you want the brim
    • Cut out rectangle – I made mine 20″ x 3″ plus 1/2″ seam allowance on all edges
  • Fusible interfacing for the 20″ x 3″ rectangle
  • Black or navy ribbon trim

Cut out all fabric pieces.  Use iron to fuse interfacing to wrong side of brim/rectangle.  Fold over 1/4″ of one long edge of the rectangle and stitch it down.  Pin the ribbon trim down about 1/4″ below the seam along the brim edge (on the right side of the fabric).  Sew the 2 short edges with right sides together (using 1/2″ seam allowance).  It will now be a ring shape. Sew all the Hat Body pieces along the long edges, as per the Floppy Sun Hat directions (or whatever hat pattern you’re using). Turn the lining piece inside out and place inside the outer hat piece, wrong sides together. Baste the outer hat and lining pieces together. It will now look like a beanie-style hat.  Attach the brim to the main hat by sliding the brim-ring piece around the hat, pinning it right sides together with the lining.  Sew the brim to the hat. Turn the brim up around the outside of the hat and stitch around the bottom of the hat 1/4″ from the edge.  The raw edges will be encased inside the brim and outer hat.  Put your hat on your adorable model!


I love love LOVE how the hat turned out, and it was such a quick sew.  Sorry if the instructions are a bit confusing, I was up lots last night with LD because he’s teething… Poor guy.  Please let me know if you have any questions and I will try and answer them in the comments below.

Happy Wednesday everyone!



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