Summer Cascade Skirt

I’m sure I’ve mentioned that we go to A LOT of weddings.  2015 is no exception.  Our friends got married at the end of June in the Okanagan, on what turned out to be a record-breaking heat wave!  Luckily I wore my Megan Nielsen Cascade skirt to help beat the heat.


I used a lightweight cotton gauze fabric that I purchased online from and then used my friend’s mother-in-law’s US shipping address to take advantage of the free shipping.  She’s pretty much my fabric mule, hahaha.


I was inspired by the pattern designer herself by some of her additional variation designs.  Since the cotton gauze was so lightweight, the skirt needed to be lined.  So I decided to make a 2-layer skirt in different lengths.


I love how it turned out.  The skirt can easily be dressed up or down. I think this would be a great outfit for a summer BBQ or a day out with my family.  The design of the skirt lets the fabric hang in a really beautiful way, and really fans out nicely when I twirl around.


As a girl-mom, I definitely do a lot of twirling!  And jumping!


Happy Tuesday everyone!



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