Drape Drape Vol. 1 No. 5 V Neck Drape Drape Dress


I did it!  I made another item from my ever-changing “To Sew” list! It has been SOOOOO crazy hot here this summer, and I am definitely lacking in the sundress department.  Luckily now I have this super comfy dress to wear…. Holla!!!

IMG_2786I made the No. 5 V Neck Drape Drape Dress from the Japanese sewing book Drape Drape Vol. 1.  I used some navy blue jersey knit I had in my stash for the bodice.  I decided that the front was a bit too low for me, so I raised it by about 2.5″.  I also raised the back neckline by about the same, and omitted the zipper.  It’s a bit snug, but I can wiggle it on thanks to the stretchy fabric AND the various Beachbody workout videos I’ve been doing at home, ha ha ha.



For the skirt I used a polyester blend that I found in the Clearance section at Fabricland for $3/m.  It’s kind of a crazy psychedelic knit and I am hoping to use it for a wrap-dress a la Diane von Furstenburg.  I think Simplicity had a DVF wrap dress challenge on Instagram a few months ago.  Obviously I didn’t get around to even starting…. BUT I’ve moved that dress onto my To Sew list for the fall.

I left the hem unfinished to keep the movement nice and light. For twirling.  Obviously.


I didn’t make any changes to the skirt, even though I agree with Gina Sofia’s post about the skirt having kind of a weird “tail” when you look at it from the front.  And it kind of looks even weirder because this fabric’s print is only on the right side… So now there is this weird white tail on the wrong side…  Oh well, I will leave it for now and if it really bugs me down the road I will hack it off.


It does look kind of weird when it moves though.


The dress is so cute and so comfy but I find it a little too fancy looking for just going to the park with the kiddies…  I will just need to sew another sundress! Ba ha ha ha.  And if hubby and I ever get out for a date night, I think this dress will be just the ticket!


Happy Tuesday everyone!



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