Shades of Grey

Nettie Dress 2 (1)

Autumn is beginning to set in here in Sea-to-Sky Country.  Leaves are changing colour, snow is dusting the tops of the mountains around town, and there is a definite chill in the air.  So far we’ve been pretty lucky and have been enjoying more sunny days than normal for this time of year.  That said, I know that the winter rains (and snow?!!) are not far away.

Growing up on the prairies, I am accustomed to seeing the sun all year round.  Even when the air is so cold it feels like someone punched you in the gut, and the crunching snow sounds like you’re walking on styrofoam, you will still need to wear sunglasses.

Winters could not be more different on the south coast of BC…  We rarely get any snow, so the grass is bright green all winter long.  But the skies are so grey, and cloud cover is so low that it can really dampen your spirits, and make you forget what the sun felt like.  I even find myself dressing to reflect these gloomy days…  But at least I’m comfortable while doing it!

I bought several metres of this snuggly soft charcoal grey sweater knit last year from Girl Charlee.  I just finished using it all up last night on a project for a friend, and I realized that I haven’t blogged any of the makes from this glorious fabric.  So here they are (in chronological order of make):

Vogue V8670:  The turtleneck sweater

I used one of my favourite patterns for tops, Vogue V8670.  It’s a great basic pattern for knit fabrics.  Nothing jaw-droppingly exciting, but all makes from this pattern get regular wear in my wardrobe.  So that’s good :).  I made this in a size 14, but since the fabric is so stretchy, the shirt ended up being too loose and baggy.  I added 2 darts in the back to make it a bit more flattering.

Turtleneck 2

Turtleneck 1 (1)

Closet Case Files: The Nettie Bodysuit


Available here

Oh man.  I never EVER thought I would wear a bodysuit ever again after living through the 90’s.  Then again, never say never!  I have a few high-waisted skirts that required a tight shirt that could easily be tucked in.  After seeing lots of cool versions made by sewists of all body types, I decided to give it a go.

I do really like it, but I’m not sure how many more full bodysuits I will make with this pattern.  The snaps on the crotch kind of feel all bunched up on my downtown, and it’s kind of awkward and uncomfortable.  But maybe I’ll get used to it in time?  Not sure…  I will probably just make a long-waisted snug-fitting t-shirt using Nettie instead.


I made the scoop front / medium back version of Nettie.  I like that it’s just low enough to show off my tattoo on my shoulder blade, but I can still wear a normal bra with it.  That said, the top is just a tad too wide for me and my bra straps were always hanging out.  So I copied something that was on an old RTW top of mine, and added snaps to wrap around bra straps to keep them in place.  Problem solved!

Closet Case Files: The Nettie Body Con Dress

Nettie Dress 5

Double oh man…  For someone who is NOT a fan of their mid-section, this tight-fitting dress is definitely out of my comfort zone.  I made the scoop neck front and low-back version.  I like my back, and it is quite toned and strong from all my workouts (plus carrying heavy kids around has helped tone my upper body ha ha ha).  The low-back shows it off nicely.  I sewed in a shelf bra so that I can go braless in this dress.  I found that the back was a bit too wide for me, and I was worried that it would fall off me.  So I copied my trick from my No 6 Low Back Drape Drape Dress and added some ties along the upper back for security.

The fabric is actually quite thin, so it shows every bump and bulge.  Maybe I need to invest in a pair of Spanx?  Or take it easy on the junk food?  Or maybe just get over myself, and say f*ck it?  🙂

Nettie Dress 6 (1)

I was getting pretty close to the end of this fabric, and I didn’t have any sections long enough to cut a continuous front and back section.  So I had to attach the skirt sections to the top sections.  I used a stretch stitch along the seamline to kind of make it look intentional.  However, the seamline runs right along the widest part of my hips and I think it looks a bit weird.  I’m thinking of adding 2 more rows of decorative stitching just above this seamline.  I don’t know…. it might look even weirder.  I’ll think about it.  Any thoughts?

Nettie Dress 3 (1)

Have I ever mentioned our husky-cross before?  Her name is Luna and she will be 3 in January.  She’s a good gurrrrrlllll…  and her hair blends into the fabric of this dress nicely! 🙂

Peekaboo Patterns: The Varsity Cowl Neck Pullover


Available here

Brosifs 1

I was now just about out of this charcoal knit fabric…  I only had enough left to do the cowl necks and wrist cuffs for 2 pullover sweatshirts (size 3 months, and 4T).  Friends of ours recently welcomed their second son and I wanted to make something special for the new brothers.

This was truly a scrap-busting project; I inherited several metres of charcoal grey sweatshirt fabric from my hubby’s late grandmother.  One batch of it has a slightly bluish tinge to it, but the other bit is almost an exact match to my Girl Charlee fabric remnants.  I think it’s not too noticeable though.  Or maybe it is?  I dunno…  Either way, the pullovers are freaking adorable!

I made the smallest size (3 months) for the new baby in the softest of the fabrics, and then made a 4T for his older brother.  Then I used some white fabric paint to add the text to each pullover.  I think they turned out so cute!

So that’s it for all the grey things I’ve been sewing lately.  Well, not completely…  I used the rest of that blue-tinged charcoal sweatshirt fleece to make a pair of pants for Little Dude.  But I made several pairs, so I think they deserve their own post.  Or (more likely) an Instagram post.  Ha ha ha.

Happy Wednesday everyone!



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