Winter Coats for the Kiddos

Wow, have I ever been neglecting this blog…  Hopefully you’re following me on Instagram because that seems like all I manage to have time to update these days…

I’ve been trying to sew as much as I can, but my free time is short.  Working outside the home part-time, as well as being a full-time mommy pretty much consumes all my waking hours.  That said, I did manage to sew winter coats for both kids back in December.



Winters are strange here on the Canadian south coast.  We usually get a few “snow days” per year (which is LAUGHABLE for me since I grew up on the prairies where it’s often about 6 months of winter).  Unlike the prairies, snow on the coast is very heavy and VERY wet; usually we are soaked and chilled to the bone within a few minutes of being outside in typical “winter” clothes.  I bought some waterproof PUL from, and then lined both coats with cosy flannel, and interlined with an old thermal blanket to add extra warmth.

I used the Downton Duffle Coat pattern from Peekaboo Patterns, sizing up for both kids despite their measurements.  Little Miss is normally a 3-4T in RTW and I made her coat in a 5T; Little Dude is normally a 2T in RTW and I made his a 3T.  Both coats fit perfectly, but due to the small size of Little Dude’s coat, the lining fabrics are pretty bulky.  Especially in the sleeves…


Don’t let the professional-looking design fool you…. This pattern was actually SO EASY!  Plus Amy’s instructions are always very clear and easy to understand even for a novice sewist.  I think as long as you can install a zipper, you’d have no problems with this pattern.

But OMG do you know how hard it was to find the toggle closures?!?!?  We don’t have a fabric store in my town, and obviously Walmart doesn’t carry anything cool like these.  I went to Fabricland in both North Van and Vernon, and the selection was crap.  So FINALLY I went all the way to Coquitlam to Fabricana (which is basically my new happy place) where I cleaned them out of nearly all their stock!

I’m so happy with the way these coats turned out.  The kids get complimented on them every time they wear them.  Plus I enjoy watching people’s eyes bulge out of their heads when I say that I made the coats  🙂

Happy Saturday everyone,



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