Put Some Mustard On It

Hello!  Happy 2017 to you, lovely readers!  I’ve been neglecting this blog BUT (if you’ve been following me on Instagram) you’ll know that I’ve actually been quite busy MAKING!


One of my final makes of 2016 was this lovely vintage dress that I made from a mustard yellow knit.  I picked up this fabric last Easter while visiting family (and met the lovely Tanitisis in real life!).  I had originally planned to make a Nettie body-con dress from it buuuuuuut I didn’t really meet any of my fitness goals last year.  C’est dommage.

Enter Simplicity 5961.  It has an empire-waist and then falls away gracefully over the mid-section and swirls around the hips.  But not with too much volume.  It’s the perfect amount for me.  I’m pretty sure I picked up this vintage  pattern for about $0.10 at a thrift store several years ago (I can feel your envy…)



Based on the pattern envelope, my measurements should put me at a size 14.  However, as this dress is meant for woven fabrics, I decided to go with a stretchy knit and cross my fingers.

Overall, the construction was very straightforward.  I only made two alterations to the pattern:

  1. I raised the neckline by about 1.5″ so that it wouldn’t be too low.  I’d like to have the option of wearing the dress to work.
  2.  I didn’t bother with a facing (mostly just because I despise them) and instead opted to use a t-shirt binding for finishing the neckline seams.  For the most part it worked fine, but it definitely got a bit f-ed up around the V in the centre front.  Luckily the buttons kind of hide my mistakes.


I love how the pattern is a 1970’s dress, but it sort of has a 1940’s vibe to it.  And since it’s made from a jersey knit it feels like I’m wearing a t-shirt.  Which will be great for hot summer weather.  Plus it covers my tattoos, so it’s office-appropriate.

Probably my favourite thing on the dress is this gathered detail on the sleeves.  So simple but so pretty!

I also love it styled with my Frye boots and a jean vest for a more casual look.


I’m not sure if I’ll make this pattern again anytime soon, as I’ve got a ton of stuff in the queue (including something special that I’ll be announcing hopefully in the next few months).  But I dig the floor-length version.  It reminds me of the new Alix pattern from By Hand London.  Very groovy.

Happy Thursday Everyone!




2 thoughts on “Put Some Mustard On It

  1. So cute!!! But I am a sucker for 70s dresses. 😉

    It was great to meet you (sorry I was distracted and took a second to place you)—it would be fun to do coffee sometime you’re in town!


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