Distressing Furniture

The hubs and I have been blessed with families that unloaded their old furniture onto us when we moved out.  Which is actually kind of awesome because we saved lots of money.  But it’s less awesome when the furniture is outdated and non-matching.  Luckily for us, I’m a thrifty DIY kinda gal! I did some […]

Sewing Inspiration: Downton Abbey and the Roaring 20’s

Welp – I am officially on the Downton Abbey train! Not that I didn’t think I would like it…. au contraire bonjour!  (ps: that is a Ladies’ Man reference).  It has everything I like in a show…  history, drama, intrigue, British accents, Maggie Smith, the English countryside, and period costumes! Oh, the costumes!  The dresses […]

Totally Lustworthy

Sweet Jeebus!  I must have a Minoru Jacket from Sewaholic Patterns! All images from Sewaholic.net This might actually be the perfect coat for living on the (very wet) West Coast.  I’m totally pre-ordering one!  I can’t wait to get my rat-claws on this pattern – even though I won’t be making it until next year… […]

Longing For Sunshine

It has been a decidedly crappy spring here on the South Coast.  I know it typically rains here much much more than the Interior, but even longtime locals are saying the weather so far this spring is out of the ordinary.  So what better way to beat the dreary grey blahs than by getting creative […]