Distressing Furniture

The hubs and I have been blessed with families that unloaded their old furniture onto us when we moved out.  Which is actually kind of awesome because we saved lots of money.  But it’s less awesome when the furniture is outdated and non-matching.  Luckily for us, I’m a thrifty DIY kinda gal! I did some […]

Autumn in Dramatic Fashion

After a glorious summer here in the Sea-to-Sky corridor, autumn has officially arrived.  Bringing with it chilly temperatures, changing leaves, and torrential rains!  I actually like fall since some of my favourite clothes are perfect for the cooler weather.  Boots, sweaters, tuques, mittens… and my brand-new sweatshirt with a dramatic collar! I used the Lydia […]

Caramia Made – Nursery (Part I)

Second-hand antique bassinette, hand-me-down crib, me-made diaper bag Well, I’m officially due a month from today!  So in addition to finalizing our short list of names, I’ve also realized that we better get the nursery finished.  We’ve slowly been accumulating second-hand items from thrift shops, Craigslist, and friends, but now we need to put it […]

Twenty-seven years young…

Sooo yesterday was my 27th birthday – hooray! I was informed last weekend by a friend that 27 is “the best age”, since it doesn’t matter where you are at in your life, everything is perfectly on-time… For example, one could be married, un-married, single, or divorced; could have/not have children, etc. etc. So here’s […]