Back in Business!

Hello!  I’ve been MIA from the blog world for a very long time.  Sorry about that.   Several things… Firstly, I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress.  Please bear with me if there are any glitches.  Secondly, we welcomed our Little Dude at the end of June.  So I’ve been pretty busy. Thirdly, the […]

Champagne Birthday

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve started this blog.  This past year has been filled with a lifetime of ups and downs, good times and bad.  I’ve learned how to cook a proper souffle, and how to make home-made ice cream; how to put in an invisible zipper, and improve my […]

Hello Polly!

This is a post for my grandmother who is learning to use the internet.  She is a quilter extraordinaire and made most of my clothes for me when I was young.  I wanted her to see my blog and see all the pics of what I’ve created (she lives 3 provinces away… dommage). Granny and […]

An Ode to Newfoundland…

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that my very best friend lives on the complete OPPOSITE side of the country from me.  And Canada is a very large country.  She is getting married this summer and I am hoping very much to be able to go out to Newfoundland for her wedding.  In case you have […]

Full Steam Ahead!

So far 2011 seems to be rather productive on the sewing / DIY side of things…  Probably this stems from the fact that I only work part-time AND don’t have cable AND it is cold and snowy outside…  Which leaves plenty of time for indoor sewing and crafty projects. I whipped up a beachy tunic […]