Sewing for Sanity


Occasionally I get a few spare minutes to read my blog-roll and one of my all-time favourites is Lauren of Lladybird. ¬†She’s creative, sassy, southern, and swears like a trucker. ¬†I love it. ¬†She recently posted about Why She Sews and it really resonated with me. ¬†I’m sure most sewists often get asked “why do you sew? It’s not any cheaper than buying clothes at the mall.” ¬†Which is very true. ¬†But for me, like Lauren and I’m sure pretty much anyone else, it’s not just about the money.

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Built By Wendy – Hothouse Flowers Dress

Being a mom of two little kids (ages 3 years, and 8 months) I don’t really have much time to sew… ¬†Nor take photos of the items I do complete! ¬†I made this dress last spring while I was very pregnant with my son. ¬†We’ve been having a really nice spell of weather at the moment, so I snuck outside during naptime to grab a couple of photos. ¬†Sorry for the poor quality, I had to use my cell phone because my hubby took the camera out of town for the weekend.


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I borrowed the world-famous Drape Drape (Vol 2) sewing book from the library last year to check it out. ¬†Sewing bloggers have been going ape-sh*t for this series for years now, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. ¬†I own a copy of Stylish Dress Book (Vol 1) and have made a few garments from it, so I’m familiar with how to trace Japanese¬†patterns. ¬†After consulting a few Japanese friends to make sure I was interpreting things correctly, I made 2 pieces from Drape Drape Vol. 2.

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Little Miss turns 3

Greetings!  Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season / end of 2014 / beginning of 2015.  Our household came down with that nasty cold/flu virus that was going around.  So we spent the better part of the past month being sick.  Yuck.  Despite this, I managed to make my sweet little girl a party dress for her 3rd birthday (3!!!  I can hardly believe it already!).

Nova birthday dress2

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This Is Not A Christmas Post… Well, Not Exactly

I love this time of year. ¬†I really do. ¬†But the past few winters of living on the South Coast have made it tough to be excited for Christmas. ¬†I have to force it. ¬†The non-stop rain, grey days, rainfall warnings, flooding, lack of snow… ¬†Now that my Little Miss is nearly 3 (!!!) she is beyond excited for Santa. ¬†She loves the lights that brighten up the wet, dark nights. ¬†The music playing in Walmart (wow Mommy, another Santa song!). And of course all the treats and yummy foods at holiday parties.

And yet, even though I am feeling MUCH more into it this year, there have been some really sad things happen¬†¬†¬†to some close friends of mine. ¬†People have lost their parents to cancer or other illnesses. ¬†Other people in their late 20’s or early 30’s have lost a spouse. ¬†And most recently, a very good friend of mine and my husband’s lost his brother quite suddenly. ¬†Now the bright lights and holiday spirit don’t seem to matter so much anymore. ¬†Or do they?


In Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. ¬†So by the time Christmas rolls around, we’ve kind of forgotten about all the things to be thankful for. ¬†These past few weeks have really reminded me of it. ¬†I can’t stop thinking about my friend’s mom, and how awful it must be to lose a child. ¬†For the past few nights while I’ve been nursing our Little Dude, tears fall silently onto my pillow. ¬†When I burp him, I hug him so tightly I worry I will crush him. ¬†I cuddle my Little Miss while we watch cartoons together, or I kiss her hair over and over while she sits in my lap reading books. ¬†I listen to my husband laughing and playing with her while she’s in the bath. ¬†It makes my heart so happy I could weep. ¬†I really am so lucky. ¬†I have no idea why. ¬†But I am so aware of it this year and I am a blessed woman to have such a wonderful family to share it with.

So just take a moment to reflect this holiday season… Count your blessings. ¬†Kiss your kids. ¬†Wrestle with your dog. ¬†Dance with your significant other like a dork in the kitchen. ¬†Phone a loved one just to hear their voice. ¬†Try not to get too caught up in the busyness of it all, and just take a minute to breathe.


Wishing all the best to you and yours,



Roxanne… You Don’t Have To Put On Your Red Light!

OsNxK-VnQ6MErVcGAIWvc7Iw_fqan5lcv0_-Aal1aE4=w536-h816-noI made this Roxanne blouse by Victory Patterns back in the summer, kind of while I was waiting for the Little Dude to arrive (11 days late, hmmmph).  I had all the pieces cut out and ready to sew when I lost misplaced my pattern instructions.  Booooo!  I frantically emailed the designer and she was SO KIND enough to email me a copy of the instructions.  Seriously folks, this is one of the many awesome things about using independent sewing pattern companies!  Mucho gracias Kristiann!

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Adventures in Menswear (Part I)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that there are barely any menswear patterns available (compared to women’s patterns). ¬†Thankfully there are several (usually independent) companies changing this. ¬†There is the popular men’s Negroni shirt by Colette patterns, a few from Burdastyle, and of course the entire Thread Theory Patterns¬†company headquartered “just across the water” from me over on Vancouver Island.

Luckily my hubby has an average but manly build. ¬†Nice broad shoulders that usually don’t require too much tailoring, and he’s slim but not skinny. ¬†So usually ready-to-wear clothing fits him well. ¬†That said, I’d been dying to make him a semi-formal vest to wear to the massive amounts of weddings we seem to attend each year. ¬†Usually 2-3 or more… ¬†I’m a bit of a hoarder by nature, and I downloaded the Jason vest pattern from Burdastyle a few years ago when it was available for free for limited time. ¬†Glad I did!

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